With summer comes the summer travel season. Many of us can’t wait to hit the road and explore all of the wonderful sights this world has to offer, from the geysers of Yellowstone to the wild ponies of Assateague Island. With travel comes the upheaval of our routine, which can wreak havoc on our weight loss if we let it. MVP Transformation Fitness is the best fitness center in Hutto. From personal training and group fitness classes to nutritional planning and strength training, MVP Transformation Fitness is your community lifestyle gym. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to stick to your weight loss goals while traveling this summer. Contact us today to learn more!


  • Keep active. You don’t have to go to a gym and run on a treadmill when you’re traveling to stay in shape. All you have to do is incorporate activity into your daily routine, which for most of us, isn’t hard when you’re walking all day site-seeing. You can walk, hike, and bike in the cities you are exploring, and you can even sneak in some body weight exercises while you’re waiting for your next tour bus. Doing lunges, air squats, and push ups are easy strength training exercises you can do in five minutes or less to keep up your core strength.
  • Don’t indulge at every meal. Nutrition is the majority of your weight loss battle. Hence, while you’re traveling, it’s best to have a nutrition plan in place before you go. That doesn’t mean that you can’t partake of the local cuisine or indulge a little bit while on vacation. It does mean that you still have to watch what you eat and not binge at every meal.
  • Bring your own snacks. When you’re out all day absorbing all the sights your vacation destination area has to offer, it can be easy to forget to eat — until you are starving! It’s when we are starving that we grab the first thing in sight, which is usually a fast food meal. In order to avoid starvation and eating junk food, MVP Transformation Fitness in Hutto advises that you pack your own snacks in the morning. This can be simple, like trail mix, healthy granola bars, or jerky. The point is to have something healthy to satisfy you when you’re starving so you don’t eat the first thing in sight.

MVP Transformation Fitness in Hutto is passionate about helping you to lose weight. We understand that vacation can be a time to be lax with regards to your weight loss plan. While you definitely want to enjoy yourself while on summer vacation, you don’t want to undo weeks of work by indulging so much that you gain weight.

MVP Transformation Fitness offers many services to help you lose weight. We offer dynamic group fitness classes, strength training classes, personal training, nutritional counseling, and a supportive community in Hutto who will help you reach your weight loss goals. Contact us today to get started!