Do you remember when you were a kid and your mother scolded you, saying the same thing a thousand times, to the point you tuned her out and didn’t hear anything she said although it was probably really good advice? You may be this way with regards to nutrition and fitness. You’ve heard it said that fitness and nutrition are good for you so many times that you may have tuned it out, ignoring the message altogether. MVP Transformation Fitness in Hutto, Texas, is here to tell you that you need to tune back in to this message because it affects your quality of life and ultimately the longevity of your life. When you join our fitness studio, you will have access to nutrition coaches, group fitness classes, and some of the best personal trainers in Hutto. We care about your health and wellness. Read our blog post on the importance of nutrition in your fitness journey, and contact us today!


The saying, “You are what you eat,” couldn’t be more succinct in describing how food affects your body. Food is fuel, plain and simple, nothing more and nothing less. That being said, not all food is created equal. We all know the difference between a chocolate bar and a protein bar. But how does that affect your body?


There are three macronutrients your body needs to survive: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. That being said, you don’t need equal amounts of these. In fact, it’s usually when your allowances are out of whack that you gain weight. Furthermore, when your macronutrients are dialed in, your physical performance, or fitness level, is affected as well.

  • Protein. Protein plays critical roles in almost all systems of the body. Protein provides amino acids, which are the building blocks of cells and muscles.
  • Carbohydrates. Carbs are mostly starches and sugars that your body uses for energy and is the macronutrient that fuels your brain.
  • Fats. Fats are used by the body to absorb our essential vitamins and minerals we need to survive, such as vitamin A, D, K, and E. Fats also help with brain development and hormone production.


Macronutrients work together and complement each other. However, when you eat, you need to eat all three at every meal and you need to balance out their proportions. There are many sources available to help you calculate exactly how much of each your body needs, based on age, weight, height, and activity level. In general, MVP Transformation Fitness recommends a diet of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 10% fats. This is just enough fats to keep you body functioning, enough carbs to keep you active, and enough protein to build muscle.

If you want to learn more about nutrition as well as how to meal plan and how to calculate your individual macronutrient needs, make an appointment today with one of our excellent nutrition coaches. You will learn all about macronutrients, how much your body needs, and how to strike a balance when you’re eating on special occasions. As the best fitness gym in Hutto, Texas, you owe it to yourself to make a nutrition appointment with MVP Transformation fitness today!