1. The Things No One Tells You about Losing Weight

    Losing weight can be one of the most exciting and yet challenging things you can accomplish. At first, you are super pumped, ready to commit to new eating habits, and excited about the possibility of a new and better you as a result. However, changing your diet has its unforeseen challenges. Of cour…Read More

  2. 10 Effective Ways to Remain Motivated to Workout

    Time to time, we may find exercise either too daunting or we may be pressed for time to fit into our busy schedules. But the truth is, we all know how important exercise and a healthy diet is for managing stress, living longer, and feeling great in order to take on life each day. But the act of exer…Read More

  3. The Top 5 Exercise Excuses and How to Push Back!

    Exercise Excuse No. 1: 'I Don't Have Time.' If you watch television, you have the time. You can use resistance bands for strength training or walk in place while you're enjoying your favorite television show! Exercise Excuse No. 2: 'I'm Too Tired.' Working out increases your energy. Additionally, wh…Read More