Time to time, we may find exercise either too daunting or we may be pressed for time to fit into our busy schedules. But the truth is, we all know how important exercise and a healthy diet is for managing stress, living longer, and feeling great in order to take on life each day. But the act of exercising is not just a physical result, it also has a mental and spiritual impact on our daily lives. Here are some super effective ways to staying motivated while getting it in:

1. Each night pack your gym bag for the next day’s training. Having your gym bag ready demonstrates commitment and preparedness for your next workout. Be ready for all the fun!

2. Remember why you started your fitness journey. Keeping the results you want for yourself on your mind each and every workout will remind you why you started. It will motivate you to keep pushing through those tough workouts and not giving up. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

3. Ask yourself: “Will I regret missing this workout?” And the answer will likely be a resounding yes! Missing a workout only cheats you and the process it takes to get the fitness outcomes you desire for yourself. You deserve giving it your all.

4. Join a small gym for a more enriching fitness experience. Joining a smaller and intimate gym setting is so much more motivating than the “box gyms.” We believe those box gyms are typically hands off and disconnected from your bottom line results. At MVP Transformation Fitness, we are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals step-by-step. Our passionate team of health and fitness practitioners will definitely keep your motivated!

5. Try group classes. Group classes not only changes up your fitness experience from just walking on the treadmill or lifting weights, it allows you to discover new levels of challenging exercises that will push you mentally and physically. We offer some dynamic small group fitness classes to include Shadow Attack, Fire Namaste and Water Namaste. Just think, you get to ask questions of our Personal Trainers and Instructors about how you can better improve your training. They are here to help you every step of the way.

6. Create micro-goals for each training section. Be your own competition. It’s so cool to create a weekly goal or challenge for yourself. For example, you can try to do more reps on a specific exercise or you can try to lift heavier than you lifted last week on the shoulder press machine. Keep pushing yourself to maximize your fitness experience. Becoming increasingly hungry for more.

7. Find a workout buddy. Working out with someone who cheers you own or motivate you can be very enriching. It’s not only fun, but you will always have an accountability partner. We can’t have too many of those.

8. Listen to some kick butt music while you train. Music makes us move and feel pumped. Listen to your favorite tunes while you’re getting it in!

9. Keep a food and exercise journal. At MVP Transformation Fitness, we sign up each of our members with Ascend for Lose It! This app will allow you to keep food logs, monitor your progress and connect with your nutritionist and health coach. https://ascendapp.com/

10. Make whatever you do to exercise your favorite thing. We believe that there are just some things in life we all love to do. Exercise is no exception. Find that one class or body part that gets you super excited to get to the gym. There’s something for everyone at MVP Transformation Fitness. Learn more by looking at our services: www.mvpfitnesslife.com/services